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Five Nights at Freddy’s Videos:
Five Nights at Freddy’s is a highly unique videogame franchise the got started in the year 2014. The game has gained popularity and since appeared on platforms like PlayStation 4, PlayStation five, Xbox series X, Nintendo switch, Ios and Android. The game has gained a worldwide level of popularity and is one of the most well streams videogames in the world because of its jump scare content.
If you check out some of the top Five nights at Freddy’s videos you can often see people jumping out of their chair or playing the game in the dark getting really scared. The game only carry the 12+ ratings would have a large appeal across the young streaming audience as well as with adults.
In the game you’ll be given a new summer job at a pizzeria where kids and parents, like for entertainment and food. You’ll be forced to work the night shift on location and you’ll begin to see a range of movement through security cameras, lights, doors and more. You need to utilize your tools to protect yourself against a series of animatronics that inhabit the restaurant at night and come to life.
A film adaptation of Five Nights at Freddy’s has been planned but there’s no word yet on if the film has been green lit. The latest sequel to the original survival horror game released on November 25, 2019 including new minigames and challenges to complete.
Part of the fun of this game is exploring the restaurant and seeing how much you can explore before the animatronics come for your character. People have discovered some incredible easter eggs by playing bravely!
If you’re looking for all of the latest in five nights at freddy’s video game for ps4 or switch be sure to check out our gameplay videos or find a download link below.