grand theft auto 2

Grand theft Auto 2:
If you’re a fan of shooters and driving games from the top-down perspective you are going to love the action adventure game that pioneered the grand theft auto franchise. Grand theft auto 2 for PS one and PS2 with the game they came out in year 1999 as a sequel to the 1997 grand theft auto series.
Grand theft auto two was already a popular game from its launch and with its development from DMA design the game featured intense soundtrack and some multiplayer support. Available for platforms like Microsoft Windows, PlayStation, Dreamcast, and Game Boy color, this was a revolutionary game for it’s time and get involved interacting with the games environment more. Players can go almost anywhere throughout the game and work at eliminating their rivals in the game. There was presence of muggers, a health value as well as a series of modifications per vehicle for the first time ever. Side missions range from running taxis to driving semi truck as well as finding hidden packages across the city.
Grand theft auto 2 would be one of the last grand theft autos of its style but also an excellent way to draw players deep into the complexities of the world. If you’ve ever played grand theft auto three or you’ve been a fan of the series for some time, looking back into the original and seeing its humble beginnings can help you to appreciate the current versions of the game today.
The original design and the top-down view make car handling quite challenging but once you get the hang of it, you will be starting a career in the criminal underworld of liberty city easily. Check out grand theft auto to for free or pick it up on PS1 today.